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Kirishna (AK) Darshan ↗️

Reinventing Funding@2%pa #Loan Dolphin #FDI Lending & #Private Finance, #Executive Coach #Angel Investor #Investing in ambitious founders who are building our next generation.

Greater Delhi Area


September 2010


I embody the spirit of innovative entrepreneurship, guided by a profound understanding of global needs and an unwavering determination to pursue my aspirations relentlessly.

I’m a passionate business advisor and FinTech strategist on a mission to drive positive change in the financial world. My career journey began early, providing me with invaluable opportunities to explore diverse roles within the finance industry. It didn’t take long for me to discover my true passion – Financial Technology, a realm with boundless potential to revolutionize traditional finance and create a brighter future for all.

My enthusiasm knows no bounds as I actively contribute to the Financial revolution, pushing the boundaries of financial disruption. Currently, I’m proud to be a part of HNI Funding, where I’m spearheading the global expansion, scaling it to new heights.

My interests lie at the intersection of FinTech, digital innovation (with a special focus on banking, payments, and finance), and emerging technologies. With over four years in the FinTech industry, I am committed to continuous growth and learning, striving to enhance my expertise every day.

I hold a firm belief in the wisdom of Anthony Robbins, who said, “Every problem is a gift; without problems, we would not grow.” This quote deeply resonates with my daily work, as I’ve consistently honed my skills by tackling challenges in various roles. Each problem solved has expanded my knowledge and capabilities, making me a seasoned business mentor, a strategic thinker, a solution architect, and an adept trainer.

Join me on this exciting journey of innovation and transformation in the world of Finance. Together, we can shape a brighter financial future for all.