Academic Coordinator-Cambridge Board

January 18, 2024
Application ends: April 22, 2024
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Job Description

About the job

Primary Purpose: A Coordinators role calls for being a leader, mentor, trainer and administrator in order to align and fulfill the functional goals for achieving the Vision of the organisation.

Key Accountabilities/Activities:

Primary Responsibility:

Academic Operations

  • Receiving plan of equipment from Central Office
  • Ensuring the equipment availability to the teachers for use and confirm their return.
  • Ensuring quarterly stock taking.
  • Responsible for Various teaching aids & curriculum materials provided by the Central Office.
  • Details & records of updated versions and further instruction regarding the curriculum sent by CO to be maintained and updated regularly.
  • Ensuring that the plans are available with the Teachers and they go through the same and are prepared for the class.
  • Send regular feedback at the end of a lesson plan, volume / unit plan or end of a theme to the Central Office.
  • Any queries & clarification in terms of implementation of given plan, to be initially consulted
  • Observe lessons in each subject area on a daily basis
  • Provide timely curriculum related feedback to Teachers.
  • Approve Lesson plans and curriculum made by the Teachers of the Secondary Section.
  • Ensure uniformity in implementation of the Lesson plans.
  • Drafting of Circulars and Newsletters
  • Discuss the support programmes with the Team members during Curriculum Workshops.
  • Maintain a detailed track report of academic coverage of support programme and effectiveness of the same to be monitored closely. Monitor Record Keeping of the Support Programmes.
  • To acquire information from the Teachers regarding the identified students case.
  • Check the genuineness in the identified student case, by investigating in-depth facts about the case.
  • To approve/disapprove the referral forms and sends it to the Special Educator for further process as the case may be.
  • Meet the Parents along with the Special Educator and informs the Parent regarding the Student.
  • Keep the Centre Head informed about the same.
  • Monitoring and seek updates about the childs progress and updates the Parent from time to time along with the Special Education.
  • Ensures that the Student attends all the Remedial Sessions.
  • The Coordinator needs to receive the follow up reports and updates from the Special Educator on the student on a weekly basis and compile and maintain records of the same.
  • Ensure Implementation and Monitor the Children Library Programme as prescribed by the Central office
  • Plan/Organize /Coordinate all the events such as Parent Orientation, PTA, PTM, Field Trips, Sports Day, Annual Concert, Special Events, Culminating activities and all Competitions as per the guidelines.
  • Extra Curricular Activities to be conducted as per guidelines given by the Central Office.
  • Approval for budgets and details for the same need to be taken from the Principal.
  • Delegate duties to the Teaching and Non Teaching staff (Teachers) for all the events.
  • Proxys Teachers to be arranged accordingly.
  • Inform all the concerned departments about all the events minimum a week in advance.
  • Circulars to be sent in advance for the events.
  • Record keeping of events and submission of Feedback of the same to the CO.
  • Records of extracurricular activities along with the list of students grade wise to be maintained by the Coordinator.
  • Charts Displayed on the Soft boards during Events and otherwise should be without any errors in language or content mentioned.
  • Preservation of Charts should be done appropriately keeping in mind the space constraints.
  • Responsible for coordination for Judging Competitions by other Grade Coordinators or Parents.
  • Responsible for ensuring that only the Parents are made a part of the Prize Distribution Ceremony on the Sports Day.
  • Assist in Public-Relation events and other Special Events sponsored by the School.

Secondary Responsibility:

Administration Operations

  • Record keeping and maintenance
  • Should be familiar with sections of the Teacher with reference to the duties and disciplinary powers of Teachers.
  • To fulfill all contractual obligations.
  • To complete such forms and records as are required to facilitate the smooth operation of the School or School system.
  • To attend all meetings convened by the principal, unless prior permission taken to be absent has been obtained.
  • The coordinator is expected to be in School at a reasonable time prior to it opening and after closing as per the HR Policy.
  • To return in all mark books, cumulative result sheet to the principal at the end of the School year.
  • Adhere to all the policies in force or introduced from time to time and actively implement the same.
  • Taking handover from Teachers resigning from the organisation and allocating the job appropriately.
  • Inventory of Teaching Aids, Lab Equipments, etc should be taken by the co-ordinator on every last working day of the month
  • All the requisitions made by the Teachers to the stores, should route through the coordinator.
  • Educate, encourage & promote optimum usage of the available material.
  • Pay attention to the cost cutting factor in the miscellaneous stationary items and maintain record of class and grade wise requisitions placed.
  • Health and Resources forms to be given to the Students at the beginning of the year and ensure that its been duly filled and maintained the record for the same.
  • Make necessary arrangements and ensure distribution of notebooks and textbooks to the students is done appropriately
  • Obtain information from Admission Department in advance about new students joining.
  • Liason with the Admin Team and ensure that any problem on the floor related to the classroom, staffrooms, washrooms, electricity, furniture, cleanliness, soft Boards, lockers, equipments in labs,etc are addressed and resolved on time and the same is been maintained in the Maintenance Register.
  • Take call over reshuffling of classrooms, allotment of storage areas & lockers.
  • All the Records are to be transferred, captured, recorded and monitored on the ERP.
  • Ensure discipline is maintained by students and staff
  • Conduct random checks to check all records such as Attendance, Formal marks , Non formal marks & overall remarks are up to date
  • Generate paper green sheets at the end of the term & convert in PDF formats
  • Update teachers about various codes in ERP
  • Ensure login name & password are provided to all new joinees
  • Induct new joinees about ERP system
  • Check if circulars are loaded Section wise in ERP
  • Follow up on ERP, Address access related queries by Parents
  • Access ERP to access student info
  • Intimation with respect to disciplinary slips issued to students so that it reflects in ERP
  • Coordinate and attend Parents Appointments and queries as required and at PTMs.
  • Points discussed during the meetings held with Parents should to be recorded and acknowledgement of the same is to be taken from the Parent and update the Teacher about the same.
  • Keep the Parents inform incase of any specific incident, health issues and the progress of the child.
  • Also recommend participation of Teachers for Training Programmes/ Meetings/ and Workshops conducted by the respective Board.
  • Refresher Training to be given as and when required on specific areas like maintenance of Records including Attendance registers, Log books, School Diary, etc.
  • To mentor and train Teachers to take on challenges and additional responsibilities conducive to their professional growth.
  • To participate in Training programmes, conference, courses and other aspects of professional growth recommended by the Centre Head.
  • Coordinators should maintain a Personal Time Table enabling them to prioritize and mange their work efficiently.
  • Inducting the Teachers (particularly new joinees) in terms of the process & maintenance of the attendance register.
  • Supervise and ensure the attendance register work is duly completed as per the dead line given to the Teachers and forwarding it to the Principal for his signatures.
  • Attendance registers to be checked on monthly basis
  • Taking refresher Trainings of the existing staff in terms of the above function and follow-up on the same.
  • Guidance & decision making in case of difficulties faced by the Teachers in implementation of the process.
  • Keep track and be proactive of any anticipated vacancies.
  • Fill requisition for the same in advance. Assist the Centre Head for the Manpower planning for

Span of Control:

  • Educational facilitators/Assistant Teachers, Art Teacher, Computer Teacher, other Subject Teachers, Subject HODs.

Qualification: B.Ed/M Ed


  • Minmum 5 years of hard -core teaching experience.
  • Minimum of 1-2 years of exp in a Supervisory role

Expected Competencies:

  • Excellent Communication skills
  • Mentoring and Training skills.
  • Strong Interpersonal skills.
  • Leadership skills (Team building).
  • Management skills-Coordination, Organization, Delegation, Super-vision.
  • Ability to multi task.
  • Ability to motivate & mentor