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January 18, 2024
Application ends: April 30, 2024
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Job Description

About the job

Note : Only Woxsen Students.
Applications: 12 will receive •
Recuite: 4 Content Writers •
Part-Time • Remote

About Organization:

BrainThrust is dedicated to content creation on LinkedIn, focusing on Finance, AI, Business, and Geopolitics. The team envisions expanding into various fields such as Interviews, Blogs, and Events in the future, all crafted by talented Woxsenites. Collaboration and mutual learning are at the forefront of their aspirations.

Job Roles:

1. Content Writer – Finance [1 Position]:
– Proven experience in creating Finance-related content.

2. Content Writer – Business [1 Positions]:
– Expertise in crafting Business case studies.

3. Content Writer – AI [1 Position]:
– In-depth knowledge of current AI trends.

4. Content Writer – Geopolitics [1 Position]:
– Familiarity with International Relations and trends in country relationships.

Common Skills Required for Each Role:
– Proficiency in LinkedIn and its tools.
– Ability to meet deadlines and work impartially.
– Strong English content writing skills.

Your Role:
As a Content Writer, you’ll be responsible for posting one article per week and contributing to other projects, requiring approximately 2-3 hours weekly.

Rules & Regulations:
– Content must be unbiased, free from discrimination based on caste, religion, or beliefs.
– Applicants are expected to refrain from showcasing political views or agendas in their work.

Thank you for considering these guidelines. BrainThrust looks forward to the prospect of collaborating with you and appreciates your attention to detail and commitment to quality content.