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The Best Free Job Posting Sites for Employers in India

For any business, whether big or small, finding the right person for a job can be tough. You usually have two options: put an ad in a big newspaper or post the job online.

Putting a small ad in the newspaper every day can cost a lot of money, and it only stays in the paper for a short time, usually just a day or two.

On the other hand, posting jobs online has two big advantages. First, the job stays on the website for a longer time, usually from two weeks to a whole month. Second, you have many options for where to post the job.

Some websites charge you money to put up your job ad, while others let you do it for free.

BizChrome :

BizChrome is a dedicated platform which includes everything of the job market from Job searching to Job posting. Here you can find everything related to your career. Biz Chrome provides a detailed list of job seekers along with their skills and achievements which can help you overall to find the best person for your role.

Indeed :

Indeed is a global job search engine that allows employers to post their job for free. It will provide you with vast data of the candidates from all the Industries.

Naukri.com :

Naukri.com is one of the leading job portals which offer free job postings. It has a significant presence in India and attracts a large number of job seekers.

Linkedin :

Linkedin is considered a platform where professionals are there,It offers premium services. It is an excellent platform for reaching professionals. It also allows free job postings.

Glassdoor :

Glassdoor is known for its company reviews and job search features. Employers can post jobs for free and benefit from the visibility it provides.

Aasaan jobs :

Aasaanjobs is one of the free job posting sites where one can find their jobs. Since Aasaanjob has India-wide coverage, it is perfect for searching for talent in various parts of this country.

Quicker :

Quicker allows you to post common jobs such as handymen for home or office, Domestic helpers, cooks, and drivers. you can post your job openings for Plumbers, electricians, and Carpenters for short and long-term employment.

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Freshersworld :

Fresword is famous for providing jobs to Freshersors, Undergraduates and graduates. This is an ideal website to post your jobs for small businesses and startups.

Placementindia :

In placement india you can find paid and free jobs posting , However, the only difference is if you , Paid posting get promoted automatically on the website in the top list. However if there is no hurry of hiring you can benefit from the free job postings. 

Careerage :

If you want to post your job in any part of india careerage is an ideal option for you. I provide a wide range of professionals. 

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